The Year That Caught Up~

For the last five years I have lived, breathed, and dreamed photography. My camera has been an extension of my hand. This insatiable drive to learn, to improve, to create surged through my veins. And then this year happened. I stepped back. I could speculate on a number of reasons of why, but it is like the last five years caught up to me. I read books. I gardened. I remodeled the kitchen. I watched my children grow. And I spent very little time photographing. I went on a few photo outings. Spent a couple of weeks camping with my family with my camera in tow. I even upgraded my camera body this year. However that invisible drive that had consumed me since I had decided that I would make a career out of photography dissipated. And I had my most fruitful year, at least when it comes to my business. Looking back on the images I created part of me wishes I would have created more. I'm happy with the images I'm presenting. Pleased with how my photography is evolving. Despite my lack of time photographing I feel like this was my biggest growth year yet. This year I learned how to live. I have come to the realization both an insatiable drive to create and living a well rounded life fuel me to compose my best images. When I'm emotionally, mentally, and physically fulfilled my mind is its best version of itself. By photographing less this year and living more I was able to open myself up to ideas that I couldn't see clearly by being so intensely involved in the whole process. As I enter 2020 I feel like I have an idea of what balance actually means. So here's to a new year and to an emotionally feed, mentally fulfilled, energetic, balanced photographer.