Holly Davison is not only a published landscape photographer and permanent member of Whidbey Art Gallery, Holly is also an expert teacher with a Master’s Degree in Education. Holly has decided to combine her knowledge and passion creating an intensive curriculum that will push your photography to the next level. Holly Davison is a single shot photographer. Holly will challenge you to see the light within the confines of the camera sensor and push you to expand your knowledge of how light works.

In this personalized hands-on workshop Holly Davison may cover topics related to composition, shot planning, maximizing image data using the histogram, and post-processing demonstration using Lightroom and Photoshop. Each workshop is individualized based upon the client's skill level, desires, and photography goals. With a background in education, Holly understands how to breakdown concepts and scaffold learning to maximize a client's time, heighten awareness, and propel the client's skills to the next level.

Workshops will immerse the client in the beauty of the southend of Whidbey Island. Locations will vary based on the specific goals of the client as Holly utilizes the setting within the landscape to teach concepts and enhance learning.

Questions? Send me a message. I'd like to hear from you.

Let's chat about your photographic goals and how I can help you unlock your creativity. Don't wait. Book a workshop to start making the most of your potential. Workshops will immerse you in the beauty of the southend of Whidbey Island while tailored to meet your specific needs.