Aurora Borealis in Washington~

My local weatherman, Scott Sistek, is working on putting together some information for our Seattle's KOMO News 4. He has asked for images to share with their viewers on what the eye sees, what the camera sees, and then final product. So last night I worked on putting something together from my personal point of view. I wanted to share it with all of you. For the "Eye Sees" image It is important to me to do an accurate rendition of what it looks like when I'm standing there on the beach. Though our eyes see light so differently that it is truly much more difficult then just desaturating your image. The light around me has a warmer glow then the cool tones of the night sky. The water reflects light flickering as the waves splash, but that all gets lost in a single long exposure. I got close. The second is my SOOC- straight out of camera shot. I was using auto white balance, ISO 1000, 6 seconds. This is a RAW file with no editing other then I added my name while saving it as a jpg. The jpg file SOOC would look slightly different as the camera would have added some contrast and sharpening when it processed the image. Then the last is my edit. I felt the SOOC shot was too warm and the tint was too purple, so I made adjustments to the temperature and tint in Lightroom. As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share with those who maybe interested.