Artists find inspiration all over the globe in different mediums, cultures, and experiences. Part of being an artist whether it is a musician, painter, or photographer is learning how to seek and channel that inspiration in something tangible and concrete. This year I have committed myself to trying something new in my photography approach as I focus more and more on intimacy with nature, experiencing each place for what it is and being present in that moment not just through my lens, but through my whole being. So what is this whacky new fandangled photography approach? Poetry! Yep, poetry. I'm not talking about "Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm so happy to have met you." I'm talking about loosely following some Iambic Pentameter Freestyle type poetry as a way of pushing myself into truly feeling the moment. When I am honed in on the pretty light, rugged seastacks while searching for that perfect foreground element I can get so caught up inside my head that I forget to think about anything else. I forget to listen to the roar of the ocean. I forget to smell the salt permeated sand. I forget to see the smiles on the faces of those dancing in the seafoam next to me. I am challenging myself to be present in that moment when I click the shutter and to choose one or two words to be developed into a poem. A poem which represents the essence of the scene in some form. This idea has formulated over time. This first poem I wrote was a poem that maybe represented a compilation of a few images. It was maybe more abstract in its creation. As I have stewed on this idea over the last few months it has evolved into this personal pursuit based upon this resolution I have made with myself to exist in the here and now. This exercise, which I originally started as an insight to my creativity, changed into what I have presented you with now. Every image I create will not turn into a poem. Though by the end of the year I aim to create twelve poems, one each month, expanding my vision and openness to the world around me. I present to you poem number one and a few of the images which inspired it's creation.

Blind Sea

Hot breath confined by an oppressive fog.

Heavy lungs struggle against the shrouded air.

Silent remain the voice to drunk with grog

To know the difference from hope and despair.

Wind doth blow wearily against the sea.

Heaves crash against the reef and roll ashore.

Splitting the mists which entangled the free

With a shrilled scream the heavy blanket is tore.

Cold, damp feet wander the desolate sand

Piercing the void with a beacon of light.

As the forgotten is taken by the hand

Warmth flows on the breeze restoring sight.

To whom shall be sought upon deaths edge

When the dirt washes into the outgoing tide?

For sight depends on leaping from the ledge

Knowing only the wind knows how to hide.

Duel against the black day during noon hour

Atop the wind scorn bluff seek the wildflower.