North to Alaska~

This spring we embarked on a trip of a lifetime following in the footsteps of many great adventurers as we traveled the Alaska Highway through British Columbia and the Yukon reaching Alaska this June. We spent 31 days on the road arriving back home here on Whidbey Island a little over a week ago. It has been hard trying to put the experience into words when I get asked, "How was it?" My standard reply so far has been, "It was incredible, amazing, stunning, vast, untamed grandeur. Oh the mosquitoes! I was ready to come home. I am ready to go back." I am hoping as I reflect on the almost 6,000 miles we traveled I will be able to put more sensible words down on paper. My intention is to fully blog about the trip, roads, locations, favor experiences. However for now I am just going to leave you with a few images of the expansive wild beauty we encountered along the way as I get lost in the memories.